Terms of Service

Terms of Service 11.2022

1. Our guest accommodation agreement is concluded as soon as you have ordered the room (s) or, if a confirmation was not possible due to time constraints, the room(s) will be provided. A telephone reservation is also binding and does not require the written form.
2. This contract and also option dates and alternative dates are binding for both sides and can only be resolved by mutual agreement. After expiry of agreed option dates and alternative dates, we reserve the right to assign the reserved rooms elsewhere.
3. Reserved hotel rooms are available from 3 pm on the day of arrival until 12 am on the day of departure. Arrival before 3 pm is only possible by prior arrangement (until one evening before). Unless an arrival time has been expressly agreed, we reserve the right to rent also ordered rooms after 6 pm to other guests.
4. In case of early departure, you are kindly asked to inform the reception by 8 pm the day before departure.
5. When registering for more than one person / group, the booker undertakes to provide a list of the expected guests up to 4 days before arrival.
6. Should the provision of a particular room – for whatever reason – not be possible, we undertake, within the framework of the situation-related possibilities, to find adequate substitutes in another home, if necessary.
7. For the confirmation of a reservation of 3 rooms or more, an advance payment of 50% up to 3 months before use of the room is deemed to have been agreed. For bookings at shorter notice, this advance payment is due directly. The prices quoted are inclusive of the applicable value added tax. If the value added tax changes, the agreed prices shall change accordingly.
8. A refund of services ordered but not used is not possible.
9. In case of changes and cancellations of reserved rooms and arrangements, we reserve the right to charge in the following scale: 50% of the agreed service up to 1 day before arrival 100% of the agreed service zero days before arrival
10. Faults in technical or other facilities provided shall be remedied as quickly as possible. A withholding or reduction of payments cannot be made.
11. The entire object is guarded by security personnel and cameras. No liability is accepted for damage to or loss of items brought along.
12. Our invoices for groups/special arrangements are due directly after preparation on the day of departure.
13. Verbal side agreements are not made. Cancellations, changes and additions must be made in writing (email, whatsapp, signal, telegram, message/sms) to be valid.
14. Correction of errors and typographical errors reserved.
15. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract or of these conditions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining agreements.
16. Jurisdiction is Musanze District, Musanze Sector


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